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(No longer Urban or in NM. Now Rural in the mountains of Maine.)

This blog was started at the request of some dear friends that wish to become Preppers.

“No man who is not willing to help himself has any right to apply to his friends, or to the gods.”

Demosthenes (384–322 BC, Greek statesman and orator of ancient Athens)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Step Seventeen: The “and Not Go Broke” Part - How to Make a Preparedness Plan th Works

"He who does not economize will have to agonize"

Step Seventeen: The “and Not Go Broke” Part

I don’t care if you are preparing for the four personal crises listed in the prerequisites or for one or more of “the end of the world as we know it” crises - Budget is a key!

"Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying. The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things."
Elise Boulding

There are dozens of resources out there on creating and sticking to a budget. Pick one that meets your needs and go for it. We can’t really complain about someone else or the government on their wasteful spending if we don’t have our own under control.

With a budget you can be debt free or as close to it as possible (most of us can’t get away from a mortgage or auto loan), remember the Jones do not pay your bills so pooey on them! With a minimum of $25.00 per week you can accomplish a lot. You can save for a trip to a Colonial farm for a vacation and learn a skill you feel you need. You can take advantage of buy one get one free sales and the like.

Sure it’s great to go to that 1st showing at $50.00 a head, but are we going to die if we don’t go? Is going through life feeding our whims of fantasy going to save us if that gas line explodes, the roof at the store collapses, we get attacked getting into our car or we have a kitchen fire?

"By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest."

Take advantage of garage sales, estate sales and flea markets or surplus and warehouse stores.

On the internet try CraigsList or FreeCycle. Team up with a relative, neighbor or friend to split the cost and product from warehouse stores and remember that they don’t need know why you are purchasing canned goods or rice like that – only that you want to split the item with them because it is too much for just your household alone.

Try to “weigh” all your purchases to multi-functional. This will not only reduce clutter and storage space needs, it is budget wise as well since you will be purchasing one item that can do the job of two or more.

"Being frugal does not mean being cheap!
It means being economical and avoiding waste."
Catherine Pulsifer

Try cutting back on all the “use and toss” products, see what you can make and do for yourself, rather than purchasing, like cloth napkins instead of paper. There are also tons of sites out there with instruction sets on making your own solar ovens and solar panels or wind generators – to how to trap and snare or preserve food. You can find almost everything you may need on the internet for whatever crisis is on your list.

Keep in mind that you need not have the same mindset as the author that wrote that informational article, just “pick their brains” for what applies to what you need to know. And remember that this takes time and patience so don’t get frustrated. Hey, you can even save additional monies in the process of taking things on for yourself while accumulating your preparedness needs!

"When making your choice in life, do not neglect to live."
Samuel Johnson

Above all, Enjoy Life, Live it to the Fullest with confidence that by getting prepared, none of you will be at the mercy of an outside entity during a crisis - you know you are protecting you and yours to the fullest!

Check out “Ready, Set, Go! - 24 Weeks of Crisis Supply Procurement”
At the end of 24 weeks your Documentation Book should be complete. You should have established a plan and have accumulated enough of the basic goods for one person (food and water, etc), in one household, for a minimum of 6 days.

“You can only eat an elephant - one bite at a time.”

What you end up with for one person per household (for apx 6 days):

Qty Item
1 “Heatalter” fireplace grate (puts more fireplace heat into the house instead of up the flume) If needed
1 “I” brackets to secure furniture to walls, If earthquake zone
1 “Mess Kit” (pan, plate, bowl, cup)
1 3 Ring Binder
2 Aluminum foil (heavy duty)
2 ammo handgun (box)
2 ammo rifle box
2 ammo shotgun (box)
1 Assorted reusable plastic containers (for food and freezer)
1 Assorted screws, nails, nuts and bolts (including wood screws)
1 axe-hatchet/hammer/crow bar tool (All purpose)
1 Backpack for go-bag
1 backpack, duffel bag or rolling luggage (household or vehicle go bag)
1 backpacker binoculars If being “mobile” plays a big role in your Crisis Plan
2 bags Heavy duty large garbage (pkg)
1 baked beans (with meat if possible) can
1 Batteries Extra (preferably rechargeable)
1 Beans 5 lb sack
1 Blankets and or sleeping bag for each household member
1 Bleach Plain liquid (gal)
1 Boy Scout Field Book (check out the used book stores for this) or if you are the experienced outdoors type – SAS Survival Manual (just search the web to download for free a digital copy, then print it out)
1 Bungee cords (1 pkg)
1 Camping supplies fuel for stove & lantern
1 Camping supplies lanterns
1 Camping supplies stove
1 Camping supplies tents
2 Can Opener – Hand Operated
2 can opener Extra hand operated or GI
1 Cereal dry box
1 Cereal Instant oatmeal or cream of wheat pkg
1 Chapstick
1 child proof latches for cupboards and cabinets, If needed
1 Coffee Instant
1 Commando Saw
1 Compass
1 Condoms
1 container , Waterproof portable plastic with lid for use for important papers not accounted for in your Documentation Book/Binder
1 Cordage (rope) all purpose
1 Crackers Animal box
1 Crackers Graham box
1 Crescent wrench
1 Crowbar
1 Denture care items If needed
1 dish towels, cheap pkg
1 Disposable dust masks
1 Eating utensil kit (knife, spoon, fork)
2 fire extinguisher ABC (per retreat and vehicle, at least 2 per retreat/house)
1 fire extinguisher Extra ABC for each floor and or room of your home, including garage
1 First Aid: “butterfly” bandages, various sizes pkg
1 First Aid: activated charcoal
1 First Aid: Adhesive bandages, assorted sizes
1 First Aid: Anti-diarrhea medicine (Lomodium)
1 First Aid: Antiseptic
1 First Aid: Aspirin and or acetaminophen, ibruprophen, naproxum sodium
1 First Aid: Bee Sting/Insect Bite Kit
1 First Aid: Compresses pkg
1 First Aid: Dental Kit (includes antibiotic treatment, pain gel and temporary filling/caps)
1 First Aid: Disposable hand wipes
1 First Aid: elastic ace bandages
1 First Aid: Eye wash and patch kit
1 First Aid: eyeglasses, Extra If needed
1 First Aid: gauze or bandages roll
1 First Aid: Ipecac syrup
1 First Aid: Latex gloves
1 First Aid: Liquid hand soap and or waterless anti bacterial wash
1 ech First Aid: OTC medications – adult and child (Benadryl, Sudafed, Pepto Bismal, Cola and or Ginger syrup)
1 First Aid: Rubbing alcohol
1 First Aid: Scissors
1 First Aid: Sewing Kit
1 First Aid: Snake Bite Kit
1 First Aid: Splint
1 First Aid: Splint sticks for fingers and toes
1 First Aid: Suture kit
1 First Aid: tape
1 First Aid: Thermometer (Get one of those “strips” instead of a glass/mercury filled type or battery operated digital type)
1 First Aid: Tweezers
1 First Aid: Vitamins and or herbal supplements/remedies
1 Fishing hooks pkg
1 Fishing line pkg
1 fishing rod collapsible, Optional
2 Flashlights with batteries
1 Food for special diets, if needed
5 Fruit can
1 Fuel Extra for camp stoves, heaters, grills, lanterns, etc each
2 Fun Stuff: Travel board games, playing cards, harmonica, activity books, pleasure books, etc.
1 Gloves Fireplace
1 Gloves Heavy work
1 Hammer
2 Hearing aid batteries, if needed (pkg)
1 Infant Items (if needed): Extra plastic bottles, diapers, baby food or formula – Think ahead if you are going to be potty training and or your infant will be weaning to toddler food - do not purchase for more than two weeks worth of these items - weeks
3 Juice lg can
1 ech kitchen tools Hand powered hand grain grinder, hand mixer, etc.
1 Kleenex box
1 Ladder emergency escape for at least one window in each second+ story room
1 Lantern Battery powered camping or extra flashlights and batteries (preferably rechargeable)
2 Large plastic food bags (ZipLoc type)
5 Meat can
1 Medications: If Needed, extra RX or see your physician for a prescription to mark
1 Milk powdered box
1 Milk unsweetened evaporated or condensed can
1 Miracle shammie to use as towel pkg
3 MRE’s pkgs
1 Multi-Tool: Leatherman Tool and or Swiss Army Knife
1 Pasta pkg
1 Peanut Butter
1 Pencil, paper, sharpener
1 Permanent marking pen
2 Pet food for any pet (10lbs+)
1 Pet: Carrier for your pet
1 Pet: Leash for your pet
2 Plastic wrap
1 Pliers
1 Pocket sized first aid book/guide
1 Powdered flavored drink mix (Gatorade and the like) Instant
2 quick energy snack, protein or food bar (box)
1 radio Portable AM/FM – preferably hand crank, solar or rechargeable battery operated
1 Reusable plastic containers
1 Safety goggles
1 safety pins various sizes pkg
1 Saline solution and contact lens case If needed
1 Sauce tomato can
1 Shovel Folding backpackers
1 signal mirror
1 Smoke detector with battery (rechargeable preferred)
3 soup, stew or the like ready to eat
1 Space Bags (for those blankets, pillows, sleeping bags)
1 Space blanket
1 Sunscreen
1 Super Glue
1 Tape Double sided heavy duty
2 Tape Duct
1 tape Masking roll
1 Tape Plumber’s (roll)
1 Tea Instant
1 Thermal underwear (top & bottom)
6 toilet paper (rolls)
2 Toothbrush
2 Toothpaste (can be travel size)
3 Towels paper roll
5 Vegetable can
2 Velcro (roll)
1 Video tape or digital camera memory stick/DVD
1 Vise grips
2 water barrels with wheels, towing handle and gravity spout - 2- 5 gallon or larger
6 Water (gal)
1 Water purification filter and or tablets
1 wheat (bulk) Un-ground, whole grain (2-5lbs)
1 Whistle emergency
1 Women’s Hygiene- sanitary napkins/tampons
1 Wood (cord)

Keep On Preppin ;-}


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