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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Most Dangerous States, Cities, Neighborhoods in the U.S. April 2010

What does this have to do with Preppers and survival? Well for one, if you are going to be an Urban Prepper you had better know which states, cities and neighborhoods give you the best chance with the least threats. Second if you are going to Prep rural, it is best to know which states have favorable laws and growing seasons to live the self-sustaining life.

So here you go – just released April 2010 the most dangerous and safest states, cities and neighborhoods in the U.S.

Read a detailed Recap at

Sources: Most dangerous states: Crime rankings for 2010 from

"... How did the other states fare? Join us as we reveal which 15 states were ranked as the most dangerous for 2010. ..."

Did your state make the list?
Crime Rate Rankings (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)

Assault: 8
Burglary: 12
Murder: 13
Motor Vehicle Theft: 1
Rape: 8
Robbery: 1

Assault: 5
Burglary: 3
Murder: 6
Motor Vehicle Theft: 7
Rape: 2
Robbery: 23

Assault: 4
Burglary: 9
Murder: 1
Motor Vehicle Theft: 14
Rape: 33
Robbery: 18

Assault: 1
Burglary: 8
Murder: 7
Motor Vehicle Theft: 9
Rape: 13
Robbery: 16

Assault: 2
Burglary: 5
Murder: 8
Motor Vehicle Theft: 15
Rape: 19
Robbery: 8

Assault: 6
Burglary: 7
Murder: 12
Motor Vehicle Theft: 13
Rape: 23
Robbery: 4

Assault: 7
Burglary: 18
Murder: 10
Motor Vehicle Theft: 19
Rape: 9
Robbery: 3

Assault: 10
Burglary: 23
Murder: 2
Motor Vehicle Theft: 4
Rape: 45
Robbery: 2

Assault: 21
Burglary: 15
Murder: 13
Motor Vehicle Theft: 2
Rape: 39
Robbery: 15

Assault: 11
Burglary: 2
Murder: 18
Motor Vehicle Theft: 32
Rape: 4
Robbery: 28

Assault: 22
Burglary: 4
Murder: 5
Motor Vehicle Theft: 21
Rape: 16
Robbery: 11

Assault: 20
Burglary: 6
Murder: 8
Motor Vehicle Theft: 6
Rape: 42
Robbery: 7

Assault: 9
Burglary: 10
Murder: 16
Motor Vehicle Theft: 18
Rape: 10
Robbery: 26

No. 14: ALASKA
Assault: 3
Burglary: 39
Murder: 28
Motor Vehicle Theft: 29
Rape: 1
Robbery: 30

Assault: 18
Burglary: 25
Murder: 16
Motor Vehicle Theft: 3
Rape: 41
Robbery: 5

20 Safest States for 2009

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)

No. 1: New Hampshire
New Hampshire is ranked No. 1 for the second time thanks to impressively low crime across the board. It boasts the nation's lowest murder rate and second-lowest aggravated assault and burglary rates.
Assault: 49
Burglary: 46
Murder: 50
Motor Vehicle Theft: 48
Rape: 38
Robbery: 43

No. 2: Vermont
Vermont was the safest state in 2003 along with 1994 & 1996. It is back up two spots this year, rising from its fourth place position in 2008.
Assault: 48
Burglary: 37
Murder: 42
Motor Vehicle Theft: 47
Rape: 47
Robbery: 49

No. 3: Maine
The Pine Tree state has been ranked in the top three each of the past 16 years. It has the lowest assault rate in the U.S.
Assault: 50
Burglary: 36
Murder: 47
Motor Vehicle Theft: 49
Rape: 30
Robbery: 44

No. 4: North Dakota
After dominating the Safest State list for the past decade, the Peace Garden state suffered its lowest ranking since 1996 last year -- coming in at No. 3. This year it drops another notch to No. 4.
Assault: 47
Burglary: 47
Murder: 42
Motor Vehicle Theft: 46
Rape: 24
Robbery: 50

No. 5: South Dakota
As one of the safest states to live in, South Dakota suffers from a shockingly high incidence of rape, but ranks in the top five in four other categories.
Assault: 46
Burglary: 50
Murder: 41
Motor Vehicle Theft: 50
Rape: 13
Robbery: 48

No. 6: Montana
Some credit Montana's low crime rate to the high level of gun ownership. Since most criminals are looking for easy targets, this may keep some in line.
Assault: 23
Burglary: 49
Murder: 48
Motor Vehicle Theft: 40
Rape: 28
Robbery: 45

No. 7: Wyoming
Wyoming is a great example of a state with low income and low economic growth that does not fall prey to major crime.
Assault: 31
Burglary: 42
Murder: 34
Motor Vehicle Theft: 43
Rape: 27
Robbery: 46

No. 8: Iowa
The Hawkeye State pulls in the No. 8 ranking for the fifth year in a row thanks to above average scores in all six crime categories.
Assault: 27
Burglary: 32
Murder: 49
Motor Vehicle Theft: 42
Rape: 28
Robbery: 42

No. 9: Rhode Island
The Ocean State improved four spots in 2008. This year, it climbs another three spots thanks to improved rates for murder, motor vehicle theft and rape.
Assault: 45
Burglary: 39
Murder: 45
Motor Vehicle Theft: 25
Rape: 41
Robbery: 37

No. 10: Connecticut
Connecticut is the state where many New Yorkers relocate when it's time to raise a family and give in to the hour-plus commute to the Big Apple. A plus: low levels of assault, burglary and rape.
Assault: 44
Burglary: 43
Murder: 36
Motor Vehicle Theft: 30
Rape: 48
Robbery: 25

No. 11: Idaho
Idaho is a regular on most of the best places to live lists published from various media venues, thanks to its much touted city, Boise. But they need to work on that rape statistic.
Assault: 32
Burglary: 40
Murder: 32
Motor Vehicle Theft: 44
Rape: 14
Robbery: 47

No. 12: West Virginia
West Virginia is seeing an influx of commuters from the Washington D.C. metro region (including Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland) for its low crime rate and more affordable land and housing.
Assault: 29
Burglary: 27
Murder: 31
Motor Vehicle Theft: 39
Rape: 46
Robbery: 41

No. 13: Wisconsin
Wisconsin consistently ranks well below the national crime average, but it dropped three places this year, from No. 10 in 2008.
Assault: 36
Burglary: 38
Murder: 32
Motor Vehicle Theft: 35
Rape: 44
Robbery: 28

No. 14: Virginia
The Old Dominion State improves one position for the fourth year in a row and holds its best ranking since 2001.
Assault: 42
Burglary: 45
Murder: 23
Motor Vehicle Theft: 41
Rape: 43
Robbery: 26

No. 15: New York
Improving four spots from 2008, New York has one of the lowest rates of rape in the country.
Assault: 24
Burglary: 48
Murder: 28
Motor Vehicle Theft: 45
Rape: 49
Robbery: 10

No. 16: New Jersey
Taking a cue from New York, New Jersey also improved four spots this year -- moving up from No. 20 in 2008. It has the lowest rate of rape in America, beating New York by one spot.
Assault: 35
Burglary: 44
Murder: 26
Motor Vehicle Theft: 32
Rape: 50
Robbery: 16

No. 17: Utah
Home to one of the safest cities in America, Orem, the Beehive State loses its No. 13 ranking and drops four spots to No. 17.
Assault: 41
Burglary: 30
Murder: 39
Motor Vehicle Theft: 20
Rape: 19
Robbery: 40

No. 18: Minnesota
Minnesota scored in the top 20 for all crime categories, except rape.
Assault: 39
Burglary: 31
Murder: 39
Motor Vehicle Theft: 34
Rape: 15
Robbery: 32

No. 19: Nebraska
Nebraska's strongest category was robbery. Its weakest was motor vehicle theft and assault.
Assault: 28
Burglary: 35
Murder: 30
Motor Vehicle Theft: 27
Rape: 30
Robbery: 39

No. 20: Oregon
Oregon made it into the top 20 this year, after ranking No. 21 last year. Its high rate of motor vehicle theft drags the state down in the rankings.
Assault: 34
Burglary: 26
Murder: 42
Motor Vehicle Theft: 13
Rape: 21
Robbery: 35

Prep On ;-}

For more details follow the links below and see all 50 states and the major cities see the following PDF’s:


After reviewing the above information be sure to go to for Recommended Retreat Areas with state rankings by taxes, gun laws, growing season and homeschooling laws, etc.:

RetreatsForSurvivalStates-Tax Rates State Income-SurvivalBlogCOM.doc
RetreatsForSurvivalStates-Tax Rates By State Sales-SurvivalBlogCOM.doc

Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday

From a 50 Something, soon to be rural homesteading, Prepper ;-}

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