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This blog was started at the request of some dear friends that wish to become Preppers.

“No man who is not willing to help himself has any right to apply to his friends, or to the gods.”

Demosthenes (384–322 BC, Greek statesman and orator of ancient Athens)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tips on Selecting Members for a Successful Preparedness/Survival Group - Getting Along Today and Tomorrow

"Emergency preparedness is a team sport.“ Eric Whitaker

Getting along with others is a necessity and it will become even more critical in a SHTF world and when choosing people to become a part of your preparedness group, as well as, for having a successful group - pre and post SHTF.

So I decided to do some research into this. I questioned family, friends, neighbors, church associates, went to the library and read some books; along with surfing the web. Boy is there a ton of stuff out there on this subject! I next took all my notes and tried to make a list of key points and some specific points for us Preppers and Survivalists. Hope this helps.

Getting along FAQ’s:

• Is tough enough in our everyday current world
• Tougher still when seeking others who prepare as we do
• Even tougher when you consider human nature
• At some point we need to trust not only our own “gut”, but others too
• The same rules & tips apply before & after a crisis - with added caveats just for us “Preppers”

A fantastic article for us Preppers on personality dynamics called "FRIENDS OR ALLIES" can be found at: To me this is a must read as it very simply explains how friendships and family relationships WILL be affected by the type of crisis planning we do.

Read the "FRIENDS OR ALLIES" article and then apply the tips listed below. Combined these will give you all the intellectual tools you need to not only with the people around you in harmony, but also how to recruit people into your group successfully.

Read the complete article, including Risk Map links at:

Keep On Preppin

From a 50 Something, soon to be rural homesteading, Prepper ;-}

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