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This blog was started at the request of some dear friends that wish to become Preppers.

“No man who is not willing to help himself has any right to apply to his friends, or to the gods.”

Demosthenes (384–322 BC, Greek statesman and orator of ancient Athens)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are Preppers Doomsayers?

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear.” Mark Twain

I don’t know about anyone else, however I AM NOT A DOOMSAYER.

Yes I am a Prepper. Yes I do believe that there are multitudes of “crisis’s”, “disasters”, “emergencies” or “catastrophes” that can and will occur to each and every one of us. And Yes, I do think some of these may actually be quite large in scope and long in duration. However I do not see this as depressing or hopeless. I figure all these various crisis’s are survivable if we are preparedin case they happen. You know, just like people in Florida are more or less always prepared for hurricanes and their storm surges or people in Kansas are prepared for tornadoes and people living in California are prepared for earthquakes or how football teams practice how to minimize the effects of a fumble or interception. This is not being stupid or crazy; this is being smart and prepared. This is being in control of oneself!

Besides our own government, Homeland Security, FEMA and the Red Cross are all telling us to be prepared to take care of ourselves in a major disaster for at least 3-5 days. So to me it is just plain simple common sense that says I should be prepared to take care of myself and not rely on anything or anyone else.

I know that most of what may occur is not controllable by me, so I take control of what I can – being prepared. This lets me enjoy life and the world around me. I am not huddled in a “shelter” waiting for the end; I am living life to the fullest. I am prepared to take whatever action needs to be done to see to it that I survive and do so with the least amount of trial and tribulation. I may be more prepared for the unexpected than most other people around me but I am not a frightened, whimpering person hiding out.

Yep, being a Prepper does not make me sad, depressed, nor does it give me a sense of hopelessness. Instead being a prepper gives me the confidence that I will survive just about anything except an extinction level event.

My advice to the doomsayers that see no hope and the “rose glass” people that see no threat at all, is to get real and accept that there are way too many things that can “attack” us, large and small and cause great pain and shock, so we are better off being like Boy Scouts, so we can be in control of our own success, survival and fate. It is just plain smart common sense - It pays to Be Prepared!

“I am prepared for the worst but hope for the best”
Benjamin Disraeli (British Prime Minister & novelist 1804-1881)

Keep On Preppin’ ;-}


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